Dog Agility Northampton

Fancy trying the great sport of dog agility in Northampton? Outdoor classes are held on Sunday mornings in Moulton, Northampton.

Try a 6 week course to get fit and have fun – your dog will love it and so will you! Dog agility also helps you build a great bond with your dog. Fun practice sessions are also held on Sundays for those with some agility experience.

Agility Testimonials:
“We love our Sunday mornings going to agility! Monty was a rescue dog with an anonymous past and as a result of attending Walkies agility he has learnt to listen to our commands, has become more responsive and we now have a great bond! Agility is a lot of fun for both of us and I recommend anyone to give it a go with their dog!” Andrew, Madeleine and Collie, Monty.

“We have been attending Walkies agility since May 2009. It’s great fun for both dog and owner! My 4 year old Springer Spaniel, Blitz, enjoys the challenge and the action packed sessions! I like the uncompetetive, welcoming atmosphere. We both look forward to Sunday mornings each week!” Susanne and Springer, Blitz.

“Alfie and I enjoyed every minute of the beginners agility course. Even though Alfie can be a little nervous at times, he really enjoyed learning how to negotiate all the obstacles. With Randy’s patience and guidance Alfie has become much more confident and now loves the ‘See Saw’ and the ‘A Frame’! It was lovely to attend a class where Alfie was understood and not forced to do anything he was nervous about. Thank you Walkies!”
JB and Terrier, Alfie.

For more information, call Randy!